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This page contains information about our company
nlogic was founded in 2018, and since then we have created several independent products that are already used by major B2B companies
We work with the key business sectors, from banking to retail. We offer a comprehensive solution that automates work with any standard documents, with minimal human involvement. Our products save time by ensuring transparency and quality.
nlogic is a member of ICS Holding, a diversified
IT group whose main focus is on investment, management and consolidation in the information and communications technology market.
Our team
nlogic is a team of progressive lawyers, experienced developers and superb analysts creating AI-powered products for back-office staff.
We specialize in the development of solutions that recognize natural language and full-text, legally valid documents: court documents, primary documentation, HR documents, etc.

We have extensive experience in the development and customization of complex enterprise solutions that meet the requirements of key business sectors.

We create simple products that do not require programming skills to use. Our system can be integrated with internal corporate systems.

Anna Serebryanikova
Founder nlogic
Sergey Pereverzev
CEO nlogic
Andrey Bogomolov
ML-project Manager
Ksenia Drozdova
Team Lead
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