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Neural networks for back-office robotization

We create easy ways to work with documents
Reduce document processing costs.
By combining NLU and computer vision technologies, nlogic determines a document's type and key data. Transfer learning technology means that you can spend less time on preparing paperwork. The system's basic algorithms have already been pre-trained on an extensive set of texts. This approach gives the neural network a general idea of the semantics of the language, and further adjustments to a specific task require much less time and data.
with internal
Named-entity recognition
and systemization
Form completion
Time saving
Dashboard organization
Our products
All companies are different, but they share a common problem: it takes a lot of time to create and process standard documents
We reduce the time and cost of paperwork
We increase the transparency of processes
in your company
We minimize risks by reducing errors
Software cost is calculated on an individual basis
Thank you for your interest in our company
About us
nlogic was founded in 2018, and since then we have created several independent products that are already used by major B2B companies.
nlogic is a member of ICS Holding, a diversified
IT group whose main focus is on investment, management and consolidation in the information and communications technology market.
Customer reviews
"We are currently testing the nlogic solution with justices of the peace. Even though the pilot run isn't finished yet, it's already clear that the results will be extremely interesting. I have no doubt that software products like this will find their application in legal proceedings in the near future."

Oleg Uskov
Chairman of the Belgorod Regional Court
"In my opinion, nlogic's back-office automation software products, their contract builder, and their power of attorney builder strike the perfect balance between cost and quality. The employees who use these products are also relieved of the need to fill out long forms to obtain the document they want."

Dmitri Zabuga
Head of Legal Support for Current Client Operations, MegaFon
"We have been using the nlogic system for the past 18 months. The transition gave almost instant results. The burden on lawyers in terms of preparing court documents was reduced by 15%, and the company's losses decreased by 9.2%, a tangible financial result. By introducing the product, we were able to reallocate lawyers' time to actual participation in court hearings."

Evgeni Osinenko
Head of Legal Support, MegaFon Retail
"With the nlogic team, we launched a project
to determine whether a voice recording belongs to a specific person. We tested 20 million records with impressive results: nlogic
was much more accurate than alternative solutions
on the market."

Alexei Krivenkov
Product Manager, Mail.ru Group
Our clients
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