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System security
The nlogic information system can be deployed in a secure configuration that meets the requirements of regulators (Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC), Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)), as well as federal laws regarding the protection of processed information.
Information security tools
Secure remote connection
Crypto gateways are used to organize communication channels with remote users protected in accordance with GOST R 34.12-2018.
Protection against web application attacks
Comprehensive protection from both the most common attacks on a web application (OWASP Top 10), and from all known documented methods of exploiting vulnerabilities.
Network protection

Comprehensive protection at the border of the DMZ where the nlogic solution is located and implementation of L4FW, L7FW, Application Control, SandBox, URL filtering.
Database security
Protects the most sensitive data both from being compromised by users and external intruders, and from database administrators implementing masking and encryption at the DBMS level. Fulfills the requirements of the FSB of Russia.
Database access control
Protects against attempts to compromise databases by means of data copying, SQL injection and privilege escalation techniques, and also checks the correctness of transactional queries and stored procedures. Certified by FSTEC of Russia.
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